Healthy Education in a Healthy Environment
  (Affiliated to CBSE,Delhi)
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I am delighted that you are all set to enroll your child to J.G. Public School.
   General Guidelines

Summer (April – October) – 7:00am to 1:00 pm.
Winter (November – March) – 8:00am to 2:00 pm
Student must arrive the school at least fine minutes before. The gate is closed after the first bell)


The School Diary serves as a link between students, guardians and the School.
All notes sent from time to time shall be given due importance and full honour.
The Diary must be brought to class every day and should be produced to teachers, Principal and other authorities of the school when asked for.


A very high standard of discipline, perfect behavior, good manners, good habits of health and hygiene is expected from each student individually and collectively in any location of the school campus. 
Punctuality, regularity, and completion of assignments are a must for continuation of studies in the school. 
Students are not allowed to bring any expensive, fashionable and prohibited (like mobile etc.) personal belonging to the school as only graceful simplicity is encouraged. While the school will assume no responsibility for loss of such articles, students carrying them will also be liable to punishment. 
Students will be required to show a sense of deep loyalty to the protection of school properties and well maintained environment inside the class rooms, corridors, facility rooms as well as in the open areas.

Damaging, disfiguring and dirtying any area of the school premises will be taken as a serious offence and not only the involved students and their guardians will be called upon to pay damages but such defaulters will be liable to be expelled from the school.Truancy will be another grave offence inviting strictures.

Use of indecent language, undignified postures and objectionable observations and indulging in  any nefarious activity will find no excuse.

The school shall show no charity and mercy towards the students charged with above defaults and whose conduct is likely to be harmful to other students of the school and whose guardians remain indifferent despite cautionary advice.  
In all such cases defaulters will be issued Grey Cards as first and second warning. Despite this cautionary step anyone shows no will to improve will be suspended. Further default will result in a harsh form of punishment so as to be expelled from the school.


Attending the school in proper and prescribed school uniform is compulsory.

The school uniform must be kept in tiptop condition and must be worn with a sense of pride.

Short, well trimmed and neatly combed hair for boys and simply set, clipped and ribboned hair for girls, clean teeth, eyes and ears and properly cut nails and proper shoes are a part of school dressing.

Shabby, untidy and out of pattern bearing will make students liable to punishment.

To maintain uniformity of colour, quality of textile and pattern, the material must be obtained only from the retailers and tailors approved by the school.

The school neck-tie, badges, belt, T-shirt, books, stationery and allied materials will be available in the School.

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